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    How do you MUTE the starting sound?
    Did anyone successfully mute their Apple starting sound for their iBook?
    Besides muting the volume before you turn off the apple, I like to find out other method in muting the starting sound.

    How to? Freeware?

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    Well since there seems to be no way to change it, I guess there's no way to mute / turn it off either, except the way you described.

    It's probably built into the mac's Bios-equivalent (sorry, but I'm still a newbie!) which would have to be modified, which sounds difficult.../impossible..

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    why do you want to mute it? just curious.

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    yea i wanna do that too, its not good if i want to be a bit discreet whilst starting up my laptop. unfortunately, the only thing that can be done is just plug a headphone into the slot to stop the noise coming outta the speakers.

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    I did not think you could turn down the speakers before you shutdown and then it would not make the startup sound... does it work if you have multiple users?

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    It is a good thing to hear the startup chime when your computer comes up. If you don't hear the normal chime. You know right off the bat that something is wrong. I know there is different sounds for the different problems the computer might find on start up. An example would be missing memory.

    But to answer the question. As far as I know if you turn down the master volume, you will not heard the startup chime. That is what I do if, I don't want to disturb my wife.
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    I don't mind the startup sound but I wish I could change it.

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    There is a little tool that lets you control the volume of the startup sound, and even mute it:

    It's a preference pane that's added to the system preferences, and works fine on my PowerMac.

    But like some others said before, I wouldn't turn it off completely, as it is sort of a health indicator at startup.
    I do understand though that, with a laptop, it can be annoying to people around you, especially when the sounds comes at full plast, in the middle of a library

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalon
    I do understand though that, with a laptop, it can be annoying to people around you, especially when the sounds comes at full plast, in the middle of a library

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    Mac restarts are rare enough to make this thread an episode of Spongbob :p

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