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    [Urgen]CD-rom Ejection Problem
    Hi all. I'm new user of Mac book.
    I am now frustrated with my Mac book.
    Because it dont allow to reject the cd-row.
    And my mac became extremely slow.

    The situation how is either
    1) Can't even load the CD rom icon on the desktop

    2) Can l;oad the icon. But the Mac hang after I clicked the icon.

    What can I do? Please help. Thanks a lot

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    To eject a CD if it is acting stubborn, hold down the Mouse button while restarting...

    As for your mac hanging problems, it seems to me like the CD is a bit scratched or something. Check the drive with a scratchfree CD and see if it works. If it still doesn't,then you need to get your drive replaced.

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    was it a mini-cd? those are no-no's
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