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    adding airport extreme to ibook
    A good friend of mine just bought an ibook, she was going to get an powerbook but price was an issue and her dad wanted her to get the ibook instead. I have been helping her as she isnt very good with computers aside from using it, and is making the switch. So since the ibook came stock (she bought it at an apple store), I realized that she wouldn't have the airport extreme card and 512 ram. How difficult is it to install these two items. Is it possible to add the airport extreme to the ibook at all? I would think it would be because you can add wireless cards to pc's but not sure about internal. Also how difficult is it to add memory? I want to help her do this all before I go off to college and she does too. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    both ram and ae card can be installed yourself

    for instructions, go here

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    Adding both upgrades is quite easy, so you shouldn't have any trouble with them. In fact, the owner's manual should have instructions and a diagram to help you out, and once you lift the keyboard, there should be another diagram underneath.

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    Yes, the upgrade is very easy. One thing you need to be _very_ careful is not to bend the keyboard. The keyboard is attached on very light aluminum panel. The problem of aluminum is they can dent very easily. Make sure you don't bend them more than necessary, or you'll end up with something very unpleasant. (think of crushed aluminum can) Be especially careful not to bend three tabs on the bottom of the keyboard.

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    Sounds like someone has experience with alu can keyboards, eh molten?

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    Let's just say I was very close needing a new set of keyboard.

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