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    Matsu****a DVD-R UJ-857
    Hi i purchased a used macbookpro from ebay about 2 months ago everything works fine on it apart from the Matsu****a DVD-R UJ-857 whenever i insert a dvd it just spits it straight back out at me however seems to cope with cds no problem i flashed the firmware to see if that would improve things but made no difference.

    as the unit is used i haven't got a warrenty so was wondering my best solution any ideas?

    Im based in the UK are there any other drives that will fit besides the mat****a I have previously only ever had pioneers on my pcs as a resent switcher i have had a look at the ifixit instructions to replace the drive is it as simple as made out.

    just looking for ideas and or uk suppliers for a replacement drive i need this sorted asap as going on a ski season in italy on friday for 6 months and would like to be able to burn videos etc whilst out there. if the worst happens i will just buy an external are they all compatable with mac?


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    Have you tried a differnet brand of DVD media?
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    just because its used, it may still have a warranty left. Id check

    click on the apple in the menu, "about this mac", more info,copy serial.

    paste into here. worth a shot to check,

    otherwise, try maybe
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