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    Thumbs down Hard Drive Failure
    Hello Everyone!

    I have the most peculiar problem at hand. My Macbook Pro (beginning of 2006), has a hard drive failure, or so I'm told by the Mac people. But here's the catch: My hard drive is partitioned into two, with one partition containing Windows and the other Mac OSX.

    I am writing this email from my Windows side. I use boot camp to switch in between. So here's my question:

    - How can I operate Windows on a broken hard drive?

    It seems to me like this is a common problem, these hard drive failures. In fact, I'm starting to believe that Macbooks are programmed to do this at random times so we can pay out to get them fixed.

    I have been troubleshooting and it says that my hard drive is not mounted. How can it not be mounted if Windows is working? Shouldn't the whole computer be inaccessible?

    I don't have a warranty, don't have much money right now, and this computer is one problem after another. Both my fans are dead, my DVD burner doesn't burn, and my pixels are dying. Is this what you get for $3,500? What a waste.

    What should I do? What is the problem?

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    When you boot using the OS X CD then go to Disk Utility do you see the hard drive there?

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    You hard drive is not dead. You may have a corrupted file system on the OS X side. Do as mynameis suggested and see if you can run a disk repair.
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    I tried disk repair

    Thanks for your input. I tried to reinstall Mac OS X and discovered the disk utility. Inside of disk utility, it shows both my hard drives but my Mac drive is dimmed. When I click on it to get more info, it tells me that the drive is not mounted.

    I then continued to do a checksum scan that took forever and did nothing. Next, I tried to verify the disk so I can do a disk repair, but it said that the disk cannot be verified or repaired.

    I don't understand this problem. If it was a corrupt file system the hard drive should still show up and be able to be repaired. But, it says the hard drive is not mounted, in essence, disconnected (but windows works!)

    What else can I try?

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    Node Structure Invalid

    When I do disk repair, it tells me this error message.

    "Node structure invalid"

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    That tells you that the filesystem structure is corrupt. Best thing to do is reformat and reinstall it again

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    How do I reformat?

    1) How do I reformat the drive?
    2) Is there any way for me to rescue my data?
    3) Will I lose all my applications?

    This would be the second time I lose everything without backups...there will be no third time...

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