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    PowerBook G4 17inch 1.67Ghz
    G4 Hinge and Super Drive problems. Please Help.

    The computer in question is a PowerBook G4 1.67 17" from March 05.

    I think some of these things are inevitable with age but maybe a little unacceptable - let's have your advice.

    The Super Drive is being especially noisy recently. When watching DVD's it is distracting. Every so often it 'purrs' loudly and when it is spinning it makes a whine. I am guessing it is probably on it's last legs. Either that or it has always made this noise and is nothing to worry about? I don't use it overly and have never noticed it until recently. I've been watching a lot more DVD's of late.

    The other issue is a little more worrying and is related to the monitor and hinge. Either side of the computer, where the screen is attached to the other part (don't know the name, call it the computer) the hinges have got very sloppy and you can see them moving about. IS there anyway to tighten these hinges? Do other people with a PB have the same issues?

    The other is more worrying still. The hinge unit is connected to the screen via, what I assume is press fitted). The gap between the hinge unit and the bottom of the screen has got bigger and bigger. When moving the screen you can see the gap opening and closing depending on the pressure applied. Now the same question here really, is there any way to tighten this? And do other people with this computer have the same issues?

    Here are pictures of the offending areas:

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    are you still under warantee?? they might be able to fix those two for you...

    if you never really watched movies before it might just be how loud the drive has always been and now you just notice it...
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    PowerBook G4 17inch 1.67Ghz
    Unfortunately I didn't get Apple Care when I first bought the Mac. It is now three years old (give or take a few months) so it isn't an option.

    You're probably right about the Super Drive.

    Is anyone able to answer questions on the sloppiness of the screen and hinges? It could be a simple screw tightening procedure. But I am not willing to take the whole thing apart just to find out!

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