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    Talking New Macbook For Christmas!
    So I have been DYING to get a MacBook for quite some time. Right now I'm using a crappy Gateway. No fun.

    Over Thanksgiving Break, my mom took me to the Apple store and purchased a new MacBook for me. But then she took it away and I can't have it until Christmas. Again, no fun. But I'm super excited!

    Anyways, I just wanted the MacBook that cost $1099. The sales associate tried to pursuade us to go for the more expensive one with more on it, as they are supposed to, but I wanted to keep it simple... it being my first Mac and all. Plus, my parents just don't have that kind of money to spend right now.

    My question is... the more I think about, the more I wonder if I will be okay with the "smaller package". I really only need it for internet, taking notes in class (i'm in college), and maybe a few design layouts (I'm an urban planning major so I use Sketchup a lot)... and I have a few songs on my iTunes.

    Do you think this MacBook will be okay for the time being? I don't do any hardcore gaming, video/audio, picture stuff so... yeah.

    Just wondering what you all think.

    And another thing... I've heard many problems with Leopard which is what I am assuming my MacBook will come with. Does anyone know, generally, how long it will take for Apple to work out the kinks? If so, do they offer some sort of replacement? Free or does it cost money?

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    The MacBook will work wonderfully for the criteria you have. I would just suggest some more RAM.

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    macbook should be absolutley fine for what you need. I have a macbook and I do video editing, image editing, lots of work for university, use it to run windows in VMware, take it to lectures every day to take notes and it never gives me a problem.

    Even though the macbook pro is a more powerfull machine, the macbook is by no way a slow system which I notice quite a lot of people make it out to be

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    my only recommendation is that you go a step up, just so you can have the DVD burner.

    2 GB of RAM doesn't hurt either...
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