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    This question doesn't have anything really to do with the PB but that is the computer that I currently own. Anyhow, my real question is: Can I split mp3 into separate song sections. I have a couple of 2 hour long Grateful Dead bootlegs that are hard to manage. I was wondering, more or less, if I could cut the concerts into their respective songs. Thanks in advance


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    You could try AudioSlicer by going to and downloading it. It might work as long as in between songs there is a bit of silence.. since it's a concert.. it might not work though

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    ...or use another audio editor (such as Audacity, perhaps? and make your edits manually. Audacity has the ability to export as mp3.

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    Alright, Thanks alot. I'll Check it out

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    hmmm, what am I saying??? ...not pac... :p

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