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    Crashed PowerBookG4
    I'm not sure if this is a hardware question, but if it is not, please move this thread to the appropriate forum. My PowerBook G4 no longer boots into the Mac OS, I keep getting the message "Please restart the computer..." There is no way to get past this screen. I'm positive my data is still intact and that it is just the OS that's messed up. But is there a way I can access my documents so I can back them up?

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    That is a Kernel Panic and could very be caused by Hardware. RAM is the usual problem. Have you added any aftermarket RAM into the Powerbook? Do you have any external USB devices plugged into it? It could be an OSX issue but Hardware is the usual cause of your problem.

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    I haven't upgraded the laptop in any way. No USB devices are plugged into it. I used a Linux LiveCD on it (which runs off the cd) and I was able to see my hard drive listed in the directory; but wasn't able to access it from there because of user privileges. Would I be right to assume that it is just the OSX that is malfunctioning and not the hard drive?

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