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    Hey guys,

    Been using my 30" HD Apple Display on my MBP and been using a 2560 x 1600 resolution. I play lots of WoW (usually on med-high graphics) and I usually have it open on a window so i can reference to safari quickly. Every time I play my MBP starts to make really loud noises compared to when I just play on MBP. Am I over working the MBP in anyway? Sounds like the fan is caught on some object.

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    Fans are probably just going faster to keep the thing cool enough, get smcFanControl or something to check the speeds the fans are running at.

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    You could also get any number of the cool widgets to see fan usage. I hardly ever use my powerbook when its not connected to my 22" monitor, my fans go on occasionally when I play games, 3d modeling stuff, or programming. You should be fine with a MBP which is a much better machine. But I wouldn't worry about the sound, as the other poster said, its normal.

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