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    Arrow Kernel panic on new macbook
    I need some advice..i pratically just bought my new macbook from the apple store 2 weeks ago.. with leopard in it already.. so excited on using it,, i got upset when my computer while downloading something suddenly blocks. a grey screen comes down and it tells me to restart the computer.. later checking on the internet what it could be , i found out the word: kernel panic.. i even called apple to see what can be done, but after few tests. the problem has not been found.. i read that kernel panic can also be related to hardware problems, and having passed through many problems with apple for ipod and imac problems.. it would be possible as they are made in china now.. does anyone have any idea on what i could do??

    thanks soo much!!


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    Were you only downloading something, or were you doing a lot of other stuff?

    Do you have any external hardware attached? If you do, try downloading the same file without it attached.

    Is your computer connected w/ wireless or through a wire?

    What processor do you have on your macbook?

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    i was downloading music, if i was not wrong. and my computer uses a wireless network. can it be caused by using some programmes not suitable yet for leopard..?

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