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    Disable Airport card from Safe Boot?

    I have tried searching this site as well as google to no avail. I apparently have a defective airport card because when the card is enabled, I get Kernel Panics either before the iBook is booted up or seconds after getting to the desktop. Booting in Safe Boot works fine. I was running Tiger and the notebook would run flawlessly until I tried to turn on the Airport card and then it would immediately crash. I was always able to reboot and the card would be disabled automatically. I upgraded to Leopard and it worked until I tried to enable the card again only this time it stayed enabled and now it crashes every time I boot. Is there a way to permanently disable the Airport card (like in a BIOS somewhere) or disable it in normal mode from Safe boot?
    I apologize for my ignorance, I am a PC guy who bought a cheap MAC in order to learn the ropes.

    I am running:

    14" iBook 1.4
    OSX 10.5

    EDIT: P.S. I took off the keyboard but this model must have built in Airport because there was nothing there above the RAM shield.

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    Nov 23, 2007
    Wouldn't you know it, I finally found the answer on google after several days of searching. Here is is if anyone else has this problem:

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