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Thread: Which processor? 2.2 v 2.4 v 2.6

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    Which processor? 2.2 v 2.4 v 2.6
    If I'm planning on using my MBP to run a lot of tasks at the same time (like iTunes, Adobe CS3 (Photoshop and Dreamweaver the most), Browsing the Internet, sometimes MS Office/iWork and a some other tasks) which processor/RAM choices would be best? I'd like to buy the best of whatever is out there with the hope it'll last longer without needing an upgrade, but if the most expensive options aren't necessary it would be a big money saver.

    I'm on a Dell 1.4gHz laptop at the moment and I've been waiting to make the switch for over a year but I can't figure out what to switch to or when the best time to do it would be, with improvements coming every couple months.


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    Well, you can't upgrade the CPU in a MBP. It's soldered to the board. So you'd better be sure you're getting what you want.

    That being said, given that all of the CPUs are identical save for the clock speed, the effect on multitasking like what you're talking about of going from a 2.6 to a 2.4 or 2.2 is not going to be as large as some other things will be.

    In order from most to least important (based on their effect on multitasking performance in this situation):
    1. Amount of RAM- The more the better. DDR2 is dirt cheap right now, if you can afford 4GB (<$200 if you install it yourself), you'd do well to get it.
    2. Hard disk speed- Don't waste your time or money on a 5400rpm drives. The 7.2k drives have no effect on battery life to speak of, are marginally noisier and hotter at worst, but are significantly faster.
    3. CPU speed

    If you want to get the most life out of the machine, you need to get a 2.6GHz model with 4GB of ram and a 7200rpm drive. But you'd probably see very little difference going to a 2.4GHz, and another very small decrease in performance by downgrading to the 2.2GHz model.
    Notebook RAM Buyer's Guide- How much, what type, what brand, where to buy, etc.
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    What Geeky1 said x2

    I always recommend that in order to buy a machine that will be obsolete the furthest down the road - you should load that puppy up with all the OEM performance options that are not user upgradeable.
    This time next year, you'll probably see the 2.6gHz machines as entry level MB and the MBP will likely be something on the order of 3.2gHz Core 2 Duo..
    Regards - Randy in Minneapolis, MN

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    excellent point big-foot... but at the same time buying a mac in general will lead to obsolete technology eventually... like any other computer...

    if he wants to spend the money for the best then nothing is wrong with that, but you must realize that it will only be the best for a short time.
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    A 2.2 to 2.6 could cost you upwards of $1000.00 difference!

    You got people still using 2-3 yearld old power books in profesional studios.

    Personally 2.2 ghz Macbook Pro at about $2000.00 is more than expensive and can easily last you 2+ years and be the best in ANY application.

    I had a macbook that worked flawless, got it stolen and just bout a macbook pro. It's a beast and this laptop will last me a good 3-4 years before I ever think about upgrading.

    Also a big plus is that Macs hold thier value unlike pcs.

    Instead of getting a 2.4ghz for $2500 get the 2.2for $2000, and sped the extra $500 on 4gb ram, a good 7200 rpm hardrive, ad some software

    , peace

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    Thanks everyone for your help! I'll be using the student discount soon for the purchase and this helps me out a lot.

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