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    USB Powerbook Prob!
    I have a 1.33 PB 17, and every time I leave a my optical Mac mouse pluged in and close the lid to sleep at night the mouse freezes when I wake it up in the morning. It works for a few seconds upon wake up and then it freezes. everything else works except the optical mouse and the track pad.

    any clue?

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    Come On!

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    Your computer is defective.

    (What kind of reply did you expect? :p)

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    Sounds like the kids aren't playing nicely. Put the mouse in the corner for timeout for one night and put the PB to sleep as normal. In the morning they both will be lonely from spending the night alone and should be okay after that. If not take the mouse outside and shoot it, when you bring home the new mouse the PB should tell the new mouse what happened to the old mouse and that should keep it in line. The PB shoud also be fine for fear of what happened to the original mouse as well. Hope this helps.

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    That is exactly what I did, I threw the mouse across the room and broke it. The really sad part is that I still can't get myself to throw it away! Apple products still look cool even when they are broken!

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