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    Unhappy PANICKED about my G3 laptop (charging related)... help desperatly needed!

    I recieved a used Powerbook G3 some months ago with OS 9.2. It worked fine, charged fully, until last week. I began to have to move the part of the AC charging cable that went into the laptop. I had to wiggle it, sometimes even hold it in a certain position for the laptop to charge.

    Through the days, this has gotten worse. And I can't back-up anything on my ancient Mac because its CD drive can only read audio CDs and nothing else. Well, today, it refused to charge at all, and even worse, it was on low battery. Hoping to save as much power as possible, I turned the thing off... but it seems to think that it doesn't have enough energy to turn back on.

    So now my laptop is dead. It cannot charge, and it has no power, with no way to back it up. A friend of mine who knows a lot about Macs suspects that the problem is the part of the laptop itself that recieves the power.

    My life is on this laptop, and I would hate to have to have someone take its hard-drive out for me to get my data. I am begging anyone and everyone here... is there a way to save my laptop? :/

    Thank you...


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    My brother has something similar going on with his PC laptop. I believe he took it to a computer repair shop and they either replaced or re-soldered the part in the laptop that the charger plugs in to (sorry, not very technical!) Hope this may help!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, rpvee.

    There's only one thing you can do, as far as I can see: take it in for repairs. Nothing we can do to help. This is a hardware problem. I could tell you about connecting both Macs via Ethernet or FireWire to transfer your data but your PB needs to boot. And I can't see how you could get it to boot now.

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    try this
    Powerbooks won't boot when the PRAM battery is dead. Plug in the AC charger and push the reset button on the back of the book. Push the power button and hope for the best.

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    OK, I didn't see the AC problem, get an adapter, buy one and charge your battery and return it- if you have to- As your life is on it...then get the cord fixed -cut it open find the short , fix it and tape it back up! Do it.

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