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    i am nv
    Smile powerbook video ram
    hey all!

    I just got my 15inch Al Powerbook G4 and finally switched from Wintel.

    It' so schweeeeet!
    does anyone know how to check the video ram's memory? I got
    a configure-to-order of 128MB ATI Radeon 9700 but I'm not sure
    if it's in there.

    Also, could somebody recommend me an AVI player? some things I can't
    let go of.

    -thanks in advance all.


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    Apple menu -> About This Mac -> More Info button
    Click on PCI/AGP cards

    As for an AVI player, Quicktime is built in and seems to work very well. You can also download Windows Media Player for MacOS, strangely enough.

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    As for AVI, if you want to play DivX or 3ivX movies (which often are saved as AVI), you need first to download and install the latest codecs. After that, you can watch them with Quicktime.
    I would not suggest you to download Windows Media Player for Mac, because, unlike the Windows version, it doesn't play a lot of different movie types, only Windows types like WMV.

    Get Mplayer for OS X. It plays everything, including WMV. It's free.

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    The only reason I downloaded media player was to be able to listen to streaming loveline on .

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    I use VLC Player , it's played anything i've put through it.

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    hear hear! VLC!

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