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Thread: iBook G4 Seperate Monitor

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    iBook G4 Seperate Monitor
    I am looking to use my iBook G4 as my primary desktop at home seeing as my school has finally upgraded and there is no need for me to keep bring it in.

    What I am wondering is, how do I go about hooking up this separate monitor? I don't have one yet, but I am looking at a 20" VGA display.

    Thanks for the help! I couldn't find what I was looking for when I searched the forum.

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    You need the Mini DVI-to-VGA adaptor. You can get them from eBay for cheap, or from Apple.

    EDIT: Got a url from Apple's website HERE

    There's a Mini DVI to DVI and a Mini DVI to VGA, take your pick.

    Also, if you plan on "clamshelling" your iBook, they cannot do it natively. If you don't know, clamshelling is when you have the laptop closed and running an external monitor. The thing is, you need to have an external keyboard plugged in to do it, and have The Screen Spanning Doctor to do it.

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