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Thread: Used Macbook pro what to look out for when buying?

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    Used Macbook pro what to look out for when buying?
    1.hi everyone, I'm planning on buying a used mac book pro and I was wandering what to look out for so I don't get ripped off?

    2.what should I make sure comes with it in regardes to software and registration and so on?

    Thankx in advance!

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    Always buy a second hand Mac with the restore disk and install media it shipped with. Always.

    No matter what the seller says is installed on the Mac, insist on having all the install media in case you need to reinstall or need some diagnostic tool that came on the disks like for example Apple's Hardware Test.

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    if they for some reason did not have the install disks could you use the disks from another macbook pro like my friends if i needed them?

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    It would have to be the exact same model otherwise it would not work. But ask yourself this: what if your friend leaves on a vacation, something happens to your Mac and you need those disks pronto and have no idea where he/she stored them?

    I dunno, I always liked being independent for this kinda stuff. Since you can get them on eBay with the restore disks included in the deal, why not look for only those offers? You're the buyer, why not set your needs and your conditions for the purchase?

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    thanks for your help, is it just 1 disk thay I should need? or are there several that i should be getting?

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    if they sell it with additional software (i.e. photoshop, Microsoft office) make sure you get the original disks too.

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