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Thread: Ibook G4 Power problem, please help!

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    Ibook G4 Power problem, please help!
    My G4 ibook is about three years old now. Recently the battery has stopped charging properly. When I insert the power adaptor it will go a light shade of orange (not the darker orange that indicates charging) and will make a buzzing sound. The battery indicator will show that the charger is in but it will not charge the battery.

    With a bit of fiddling with the cable the light sometimes goes orange or green and it will charge but this is getting less and less effective.

    Also my ibook keeps on switching itself off at random intervals. It is now doing this pretty much everytime that I turn it on.

    I'm really worried because it isnt covered by the warranty anymore. I have tried resetting the PRAM and the PMU. The first time i reset the PRAM it did seem to fix the problem but it has since come back.

    The problem with resetting the PMU is that I have to use an external apple keyboard (the built in one does not work at all) and I am not sure if the key combination to reset it works as it might not recognise the external keyboard straight away on power up.

    The battery either says it is at 0% or 100% and it is very difficult to get it to charge.

    Has anyone had a similar experience and know how to fix it?

    Thanks for your help!

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    It sounds like your battery is shot. Download this and see what it says. If you need a new battery, go here.

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