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Thread: How long to replace faulty combo drive?

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    How long to replace faulty combo drive?
    My combo drive is acting up. It seems to get stuck and produce a read error on 90 per cent of discs I put in it. It stops about 15 - 20 minutes into watching a DVD and cannot proceed further once it does this.

    That said, how long do apple techs normally take to replace a combo drive? Also, am I better off going to the Apple store, or just sending it off to Apple to fix?

    My MacBook is under warranty if that makes any difference.

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    I would take it in to an Apple store because they do repairs onsite as opposed to sending it away. It wouldn’t take long to do but depending on the amount technicians and their current workload I guess it would be a few days.
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    I had my superdrive replaced by taking it to the Apple store. It was 'grooving up' CDs and DVDs. I was Macbook-less for one day.

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