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Thread: 1gb vs. 2gb

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    Cool 1gb vs. 2gb
    I have a 2003 17" Powerbook G4 1 ghz with 1gb of ram. I'm thinking of upgrading it finally with 2 gb of ram and a 250 gb hard drive. A few people on the net said they had no problem with using 2 gb in their 1 ghz powerbook but apple's site has it down for only supporting up to a gig. Any experience with this? Also, how great would the benefits be in OS X? I'm looking at my dock and right now the programs I use the most are- Safari, Photoshop CS 2, Dreamweaver, Audacity, Garage Band 3, Word, Excel, Ichat, Itunes, Toast, and a couple others I don't use enough to care about... Would 2 gigs help performance in any of these apps? Right now with just safari, stickies, ichat, and itunes open (dashboard and preview as well) My ram sits at 677 mb used.

    Also this laptop should have no problem being outfitted with a 250 gig hd right?

    Thanks in advance!


    Also, would two of these sticks work??

    Thanks again!
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    i don't have any experience using 2 gigs in a 1ghz machine...i believe in theory it should work but don't know for sure.

    i would use to get your is cheap and compatible....

    two gigs will make a world of difference especially in CS 2, dreamweaver, audacity and garage band...if you can get confirmation that it will work i would say do it for sure you will notice a big difference....

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    you need to check maybe if your computer and its mobo supports more that 1gb of ram itself. processor speed has nothing to do with the amount of ram supported

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    yeah, you need to be confident that your processor can handle 2ghz. I have had pc's that can only handle 1 gig and i bought more ram and just wasted my money.

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