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    Powerbook Screen trouble
    I am running an old G4 powerbook 15" and when I power it up only half (approx) of the screen works. Part of it remains completely black and sometimes it has a faded desktop and the cursor will not travel past the working part.
    At first I normally just had to touch the screen and the screen would sort itself but now it has become a little worse. I have to slightly flex the screen from both edges, about half way down, to get the screen working. I also have to be cautious as if I put the laptop down on the table without lots of care it can trigger the problem.

    Does this sound like a loose connection or something worse? I'm ordering a new 24" Imac next week but would like to keep the powerbook or atleast put it in good working order if I choose to sell it, so should I buy a new screen and if so what is the norm in price terms and is it easy to connect myself.

    1st post done and it's a cry for help!!

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    yes does sound like a loose connection or the screen might just be wearing far as price goes I'm guessing between $700 - $1000 for a new screen and while i've only had experience on the ibook I imagine the powerbook screen wouldn't be much harder to could have apple do it but they would probably charge you $300 to do it...even the price of the screen is almost enough to warrant a new macbook....and you're not going to the get the price of the screen back if you try to sell it...better off selling it broken to someone looking for parts or just scrapping it and getting a macbook for close to the same price as a new screen....just some thoughts...hope it helps...

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