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    hard drive upgrade MBP
    i want to take my 120 gig and make it an external usb hdd, and upgrade my internal to a 200+ gig...what kind of hard drive do i need for this?

    many thanks,


    p.s. great forum!!

    p.s.s i did already search this.

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    45 looks and no response, bah.
    Start with OWC and check them out ( I think their website is, that will give you a base line for price/size and it will tell you exactly what kind of hdd you can plop in there. Most likely you're going to need a 2.5 laptop hdd, I forget what kind of connection though, that's the important thing.
    Next hit up newegg and see what kind of deals they have. If you want will take your mac and do all the updating and such...for a price and you can get it back in I think 2 days or so.

    Make sure you back up all your data prior to this adventure, assuming you don't already.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh yea, as far as making your 120gig an external, just find an enclosure on, pop it in, run disk utility and call it a day.

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