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Thread: Should I get AppleCare?

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    Should I get AppleCare?
    I'm curious how many people have experienced problems w/ their mac's after the first year? I'm a student so I'm always carrying my MBP around and so far after almost a year its still running pretty good dispite getting knocked around a few times and taking a 2' drop.

    What will this really cover? The only problems I've encountered so far is DVDplayer sometimes acts a little wierd, computer has trouble coming back from sleep mode somtimes, and a few other things that come and go but arn't huge deals.

    and if i do get it is about $300 the cheapest?

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    please search, all of your questions have been answered a million times.


    This would be a good place to start:

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    Yep, bunch of times - including this fairly current thread.
    There are more at the bottom of this page.
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