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    Question Apple iBook Boot Problem =Urgent=
    I have installed Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.1 ... i`ve used OS X more offten then 9.1 but I was trying somethin` and set in startup control panel to boot 9.1 the next time I start the mac ... BUT .. somehow, the 9.1 was having problems to startup and every time it freezes up when it tries to start the services ... and my instalation disk is ruined ... and when I try to load it, the drive is not recognizeing it ...
    Is there a chanse for me to download, just the startup utility, burn it to the empty disk and try to change the startup OS from 9.1 to OS X ?????????

    I have wrote to apple to send me another disk but it might last too long and I need to fix this problem VERY SOON ...

    So, if anyone has any kind of solution ... it would be very apprechiated ...

    P.S. - My english isn`t so good .. but i hope that You have understood what seems to be the problem ...

    Thanx in advance ....

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    You can get the Startup Disk 9.2.1 Document and Software from Apple, which might help. When you loaded OS X you did install the OS 9 disk driver right?
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    Press X during startup
    Your post was a while ago, so this may be too late, but if you hold the X during startup it forces the computer to start in OS X.

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