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    Laptop advice
    Hello all, I'm in the process of purchasing a 17" Macbook Pro and have a few questions to throw out there to everyone and anyone. First of all, is the 2.6 GHZ that much faster than the 2.4? Is it worth the extra $250?
    Secondly, with the hard disks, is the 5400 RPM better than a 7200RPM? All my external drives have always been 7200.
    Lastly, since I do video editing, is it worth me getting the high resolution screen (1900x1200) -vs- the lower res 1680x1050?

    Thanks for the help!

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    7200 is faster than the 5400

    im guessing that you were looking at the larger hard drives, and typically, the larger ones have the 'slower speed'

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    If your going to be spending that much money, whats another 250 bucks?? Id get the 2.6. Id also get the high res screen...if you plan on doing serious photo/video editing.

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