Hello all,

Last week I purchased my first Mac - a used MacBook Pro (2GHz Intel Core Duo, 2GB, 120GB). It will be used mostly for photo storage and editing, and hopefully as a tool to learn and create music with GarageBand. The notebook is cosmetically perfect and looks well taken care of.

The MBP came with a fresh installation of Tiger. I allowed all updates from Apple to be done at the end of the install. The updates included Mac OS X update combined (Intel) which brought the OS to version 10.4.11, and GarageBand Update to version 3.0.2.

I am having a problem with the internal speakers disappearing. For example, when opening GarageBand, sometimes I get the message, Error code -2 was returned by the CoreAudio driver. When I get this message there is no sound in GarageBand. There are no external speakers connected nor are there any other external devices in the USB ports or FireWire port. Also I have not loaded any other software yet.

When Im having the problem, if I go into System Preferences -> Sound, I see there is no device available for the sound output. The problem will usually go away with a reboot.

It seems to happen most often on the first boot of the day. Once the speakers are available, they stay available. This problem has occurred 4 times in my first week of ownership.

I reloaded Tiger because I had downloaded an update from the Microsoft web site to make Windows Media Player work and am having the same problem with the fresh and clean install of Tiger.

Has anyone ever seen (and resolved) this problem? Leopard is sitting here but I am reluctant to load it. If this is a hardware problem Id like to get that fixed first.

Thanks in advance for any input.