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    Is my screen under warranty?
    Here's the story. I'm still recovering!!

    I was laying on bed with my macbook pro on my lap... had to get my credit card from my purse on the floor next to me... sat back up... looked at my screen and in the upper right corner there's a huuuuuge crack, it looks like a broken windshield. I KNOW I didn't hit it... my computer was extremely hot. Is it possible this could've been caused by heat?

    Also... I called in the Apple Protection Plan line and they told me it will be covered by warranty... but I read on here and people are saying it's not. What's the case?

    Also... the closest Apple store to me is 30 minutes plus... if I take this to a place like circuit city where they can do Apple repairs.. will they honor my APP?

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    If Apple says it's under warranty, it's under warranty. Normally incidences where it's your fault, it's not. I would never take my MBP to a 3rd party repair company. Call Apple, and they should send you a box to put your MBP in and ship to them.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacKid View Post
    Call Apple, and they should send you a box to put your MBP in and ship to them.
    FYI: You only have call support if you have AppleCare or are within 90 days of purchase. After that it's Apple Store and Apple Authorized Support Retailers only.
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    I've never head of a screen cracking on its own before. That'll be a tough sell for warranty coverage.
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