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    Creaking hinges LOUDLY
    I have a 2001 dual USB iBook and great. Except for the freakishly loud noises it makes when I open/close the case. It is wicked loud. I was thinking of putting a bit of WD40 on the hinge, but wanted to check here first before I hosed anything. Any suggestions for this small, but jaring issue? Thanks!

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    This is very common, do you have a 500Mhz iBook? I would grease the hinges, it WILL make the difference. But if you don't, just think of it as you iBook saying "Hello". You have to take apart your iBook to actually grease the hinge, have awesome guides.


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    Be careful just to lubricate the hinges alone, even if you have to apply whatever you use with a cotton tip or something else. I'm not saying this from experience, just that your iBook casing might be damaged otherwise.

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