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Thread: Ram upgrades?

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    Ram upgrades?
    Hi, does anyone know if you can upgrade your apple laptops ram with any kind of ram... or does it have to be apple ram. I noticed they were selling kingston on their website, however I can buy kingston ram at my local computer store.


    o btw, my computer is a G4 Powerbook 1.33 Ghz

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    You dont have to use apple's own ram(i believe a brand name makes it), i've got a 1gig stick of Integral in my Powerbook.

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    Apple use Kingston RAM (at least they did when I got my replacement RAM from G4 Tech during an insurance claim), so as long as you make sure it's the correct type (e.g. on the latest G4 Powerbook it's DDR-333 SODIMM) you should be find from the store and it'll be way, way, way cheaper than from Apple.

    Most people use Crucial ( as it's very relaible RAM, next-day delivery, good prices and if you pick your exact Powerbook model from their website it'll give you a guaranteed match of RAM sticks.

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