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    Screen Quality of ibook G4 and use battery efficiently?
    i have seen some forums saying that ibook screen is not good,such as ( angle problem, long time reaction*****)is that true?

    when you at home or at the place where you have got plug receptacle which one you will use your "battery" or the "AC"

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    I suggest you head to your nearest Apple store and take a looksee for yourself. You're asking an opinionated question - without a doubt you'll get opinionated answers.

    Some people will say,
    "the screen is sh!t!"
    while others will say,
    "the screen is pimp sh!t!" all comes down to Opinion, you see.
    Now assuming the powerbook and ibook have the same or similar screens, compared to my Dell, the powerbook wipes the floor with it.

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    My ibook's screen is great, the viewing angle is about 60 degrees, and the colors are awesome, far crisper than my philips 109s CRT, though thats about a year old. As for battery usage, it should last around 5 hours if you're just surfing the net with an airport extreme card on, and the screen brightness on half. I managed just over six hours when the screen brightness was on notch four (out of 16, with airport on), its actually not bad indoors on 4, but outside the sun makes it pretty tricky to read unless you're above halfway brightness.

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    Here's an opinionated answer for you: It's fine!

    I think it is better than the PC laptop screens on my dad's and g/f's machines, (but they both are slightly older models) and it wil serve you well.

    as for battery life: For my needs it is fine too, I turn the screen down to 2 notches above full brightness when using bettery power to conserve a bit of energy, but quite frankly I normally only run it down to about 1,5 hours of battery life remaining anyway..

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