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    Question Odd Startup Superdrive Behavior?
    Hi All,

    I just bought a new Macbook last weekend (yay!) a 2.2 / 1GB white model. For about the first 4 days I had it when I started it or brought it back from sleep mode, something like in apple's example here

    Now when I start it up or bring it back from sleep, it starts to sound like that, then dies off, sounding like it's not spinning as it should.

    Should I be concerned? It reads just fine, but should I take it into the apple store just to make sure?

    <---concerned new MB owner

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    its normal. its just checking to see if theres a disc in the drive since its been off for a bit of time. if there was a disc in it, it would make that sound and begin to spin the disc. the sound you hear is just a check in the cd drive. mine does it, and i think all of them do it. you shouldn't be worried at all.

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