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    CD Eject in Macbook
    So my hard drive as failed. It was confirmed by inserting in the Install CD and having Disc Utility unable to locate the drive. Now I am using this as an excuse to get a 160GB drive and Leopard. I backed up a few things about 2 months ago, but having Time Machine would be awesome if it turns out it's the Macbook's fault and not the Seagate drive.

    But now my Install CD is stuck, and I want to eject it to insert the Leopard CD. I've tried holding the trackpad and that other combination thing. I've even stuck in a credit card, but I was afraid to get too forceful. Any ideas?

    Also, side question about Time Machine. If I have an external HD with stuff already on it, can I still use TM? Or does it require a completely free drive?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I found this - hope it helps

    There's more than one way to eject a CD. Sure, dragging it to the trash is the safest way, but it doesn't always work. What are the other options? Five are listed below, and I highly recommend that you try them in the order presented.

    1. Boot your computer while holding the mouse button.

    2. Restart into Open Firmware by holding command-option-O-F and enter eject-cd.

    3. Open the Terminal and enter drutil tray eject.

    4. If #3 doesn't work, you probably have more than one removable device connected. Enter drutil list to see a list of the connected removable devices. Find your CD in the list. Assuming that your CD is #5, enter drutil tray eject 5.

    5. If the above options fail, you'll have to take an unfolded paper clip to that little round hole on your CD drive. Insert the paper clip, and press gently until the CD ejects. If you can't find your drive's eject hole, you may want to look through Apple's Knowledge Base.

    If the CD hasn't come out yet, you'll probably have to see an authorized Apple repair center.

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    You can do it manually if you are careful, i have done it. Stand the macbook on its end so you have good light where the cd rom is, look about 1 inch to the right of the left hand side of the slot, you will see a small vertical line in the fibre you normally push the cd through.
    If you use a very small screw driver you can with trial and error find an area with a little resistance through that line, when you get the spot you will hear the eject mechanism start, withdraw the screwdriver immediately. Job done

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