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    Question How to transfer photos from ibook to win xp
    Hi there,

    Hope someone can help me with this one. I have an ibook os9 and I have quite a few photos saved onto the laptop and I want to transfer some of the photos to my sister's windows xp laptop.

    Would anyone possibly have a few minutes to spare to write up a step by step guide on how i would do that? Thanks heaps to anyone who can help.

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    What I do is select the images in iphoto, and burn and album to a cd. Then on the winxp machine, i use find on that cd to look for image files. It will give you a list of all the images, then use copy and then paste the files to whatever directory you want.

    If you can share the iphoto folder with the xp machine, then you 'should' be able to do the same without burning a cd.

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    I have a better idea

    You could always if you are on lan: Go to System Prefrences and setup a windows sharing server then it will tell you the adress at the bottom of the window open up Internet Explorer and type in that adress and hit enter then it will ask your for usernam and password enter the ones that you have setup for your mac one and then it will show you your hard drive. Go to where the pics are and copy them over.

    Sorry for grammer

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    I have not tried this, but can you just drag and drop what ever photos you want on the CD from the iPhoto application?
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