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    Thumbs up Just got my new 14" iBook
    OMG, I just got my new iBook the other day. Why would anyone use windows. I will never go back to a windows machine. If there are any lawyers out there, drop me a line.


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    Congratulations!!!!I will order one next week , by the way, what is spec of your ibook?why dont you choose 12" inch screen?
    what software do you have, and you think is necessary for ibook
    wouldyou upload some pics :rolleyes: that wouldbe really nice :p

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    New iBook
    I have just under a gig of ram, a 50 gig harddrive and 1.2 gig processor. I went with the 14" since my eyes are not that great and it was not that much more for the bigger display. I don't think it weighs that much more either. As to software, I only have the Office:Mac loaded at this time. I plan to get dreamweaver and filemaker pro soon. I am a lawyer so I don't need any of that fancy software for movies or publishing things. Which is also why I did not pay double the price for the powerbook. I do plan to do my wordprocessing on the iBook and will be publishing my web pages with it. If there are programs that I need for my practice that I can not get which are written for the Mac, I may get VPC. Any more questions, just drop me a line.

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    As i am really new for mac, could mind tell me what is Vpc (Virtual PC), what it does,and where can i get it?(Free?)

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    It is my understanding that VPC would enable you to run windows programs on your Mac. I don't any other way to get it than to pay for it.

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    Congrats on ure new iBook!!! and welcome to the world of Mac... ..

    once you go mac, you dont go back!! hehe

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