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    I use smcFanControl. It is limited to minimum speeds, which is fine, and when I'm just browsing or typing up a document there is no problem. However, smc reports temps. And if I set smc (it doesn't matter what utility you use) to put the fans at 1k rpm to limit noise and happen to forget that this is the minimum, go on to other tasks like fcp and quicktime (in particular) the temp shoots up to 175 and the Macbook doesn't crank the fans accordingly. Don't say it's about third party apps, it ain't. Anyone else have problems with mbs and high temps. I'm not talking about "it's too hot my lap"... I use this for pro apps and really depend on it. $3500 is commitment to me.

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    dont forget that you limit it to 1k rpm..
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    If you mess with the fan controls, its gonna screw up the fans.
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    this is odd.

    if i set a personal SMC profile with a low fan speed, and the CPU gets hot, the laptop will ramp the fan speed up as needed, not paying any attention to what i had it at.
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    Same here.
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    smc only allows you to set the minimum fan speed
    therefore, if the system gets hot and the computer wants to speed up the fans, smc is not going to prevent it from doing that.

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