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    Cool Question about software for mac
    i am willing to buy a ibook, there are several programs such as photoshop CS, falsh MX,dreamweaverMX,JBuider,runing on my PC, do i need buy MAC VERSION for those software?

    Can also some one tell me what software i need to obtain which is necessary for uni student-lever programmer (computer science student),whether they are free to download or build in,or(worst case)spend hundred bucks($NZ) to get one :eek:

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    Yes, you need Mac versions of your software. No Windows software will run on MacOS (and OS X), except if you're running VirtualPC, of course ;-)

    Mac OS X has built-in developper tools, to develop software in Cocoa, C, Java, Python etc... I don't know though if that's what you need for your studies.

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