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    Macbook Keyboard Freeze Randomly
    Does anyones macbook keyboard freeze randomly and come back after 20 seconds or upon reboot. My keyboard freezes couple of times a day even after all updates. Anyone else having this problem. Either I have to wait a minute or reboot to get it to come back. I have the new 13.3 white 2.2ghz. I have read other places that this is a result of leopard and not a hardware.

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    yep started having exactly the same problems just today apparently its a leopard bug and NOT your hardware, min comes back when i reboot and hasn't started happening after that again but it probably will by the sounds of it

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    Please click on link to give feedback to apple regarding keyboard freeze!

    Please click on this link if you are having keyboard freezes on your macbook or macbook pro. I know there have been other threads but i didn't notice anyone leave a link with feedback directly to apple. They key is to get as many people to report it so they know we have a problem and they will fix it.

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