Hey all - this is my first post. Just looking for some help and thought this might be a good place to look.

Here's the Sitch. Been a mac user for 5 years - always a notebook. August '06 I bought a Macbook Pro. 3 Days later I accidently pushed it off a table, while it was off, and it feel a few feet to the floor (ARGH). I thought for sure that the hard drive would be damaged or that another internal component may have been damaged or diconnected.

But! Computer worked fine. I used it happily for a year. In July of this year a friend knocked a soda over and some spilled on the computer. I immediately caught the spill and turned the computer off and up so that the soda wouldn't get into the computer or short any of the internal components. After I cleaned it and let it dry I turned it on. Again everything worked fine - at this point there are 4 keys that are a bit sticky, but no other signs of damage.

Sorry for the long preface - here's the story : In september of this year I woke my computer up from sleeping and it pretty much froze - beachball of death, all that good stuff. Turned it off and turned it on and I got the Filefolder with a question mark on the startup indicating that the computer couldn't find the OS etc. Listening to the drive I could tell that the internal drive was pretty much shot.

Took the computer in - Apple Care provided a new drive. 4 weeks later the same thing happened - the hard drive had failed again - I'm talking reader-arm clicking, loud obvious spinning issues. Again, Apple Care provided for a new drive.

Last night, I woke my computer from sleeping and again the hard drive started clicking, OS was frozen, and reboot was unsuccessful.

Here is my question (again sorry for the length!). I well aware that the drop and the spill COULD have caused ANY kind of unguessable damage to the computer and that at the very least the first volume failure could be related to those incedents. What I'm wondering is if it is possible for something to be wrong with the computer in such a way that it would be killing these brand new drives - I know a good deal about computer hardware, but can't think of what would cause a hard drive to fail.

Normally my computer stays on my desk, no unnecessary movement. I use it primarily for my business as a musician - I'm very good to it aside from those two accidents. Before the first failure and also subsequent failures the mbp has worked flawlessly without any sign of problems (I also know that that has nothing to do with whether or not the hard drive's going to fail at any moment).

I want to know what might be wrong or if I just have really bad luck. I'm afraid that with the dent on the back left side of the notebook that Apple will stop replacing the drives at some point and I'd like to be able to argue with them if it's improbable that anything is just eating these drives.

Please let me know what you guys think!

hope you're well