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    Question G4 Ram Questions
    Well I finally broke down and got a Mac, I'm a long time PC user and IT professional. I bought my finance a G4 Ibook (1.3Ghz) last night for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. Well the gaming/upgrading side of me pops in and starts to think about upgrading the ram. It only has 512mb in it and can take up to 1.5gb according to apples specs. My question is, would the below memory work in my G4 Ibook? Im pretty sure the version I have uses pc2700 (DDR 333) ram but if you could explain how to look that up I could confirm it. Also can i use any notebook DDR 333 ram or does it have to be mac specific?

    Thanks for your help and patience while I figure out this new system.

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    Make Sure its SDRAM with 200 Pin

    Looking at the Picture of that link you sent looks like a desktop ram stick, the type of ram that it would take is PC2700 SDRAM 200 Pin DDR 333.

    I upgraded my ram to 1.5GB Using this:

    But looking around the link you provided the ram type should be something like this:

    if you are upgrading the ram in it I would suggest upgrading it to its Max 1.5GB it really makes noticeable difference, I have itunes, mail, ichat, 6 open tabs in safari, msn messenger and skype open and still have 800Mb free memory.

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    Thanks for the reply, yea from what i was noticing there is only one RAM slot on the G4 notebooks what a bummer. Ill probably keep it at 512 until I find a good deal on some 333 DDR ram.

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    I believe halo200 might be wrong. That's perfect for you iBook, and also at a great price. There is only one RAM slot because they have RAM built into the logic board.

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