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    Macbook Battery Issues
    Okay, im a freakish worry wart about my macbook. Recently, and by recently i mean last week, i checked my battery health on Istat. it was about 86%. I checked it tonight, it was at 80%. If i recalibrate it, would it increase the health of the battery? I dont want to drop more money for a battery soon, i already had to pay a crapload of money for the frayed power cord six months ago.

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    Short answer: Don't worry about it. Batteries are consumables and will have a limited life. You can also expect battery "health" to increase and decrease occasionally depending on charging cycles/conditions. There is no mechanized or electronic measurement built into the battery, all "health" ratings are based on trending and analysis and are more of a "guesstimate" than fact.
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    Call applecare if you are worried. There is an extension on the warranty for MacBook batteries. My laptop had been out of warranty since June and I called them up and told them that my battery wouldn't last three hours with the screen completely dim and all programs other than word off. They overnighted me a new battery for free and all I had to do was drop off the old battery in the box the new one came in at a DHL drop box.

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