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Thread: AppleCare- yah or nah?

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    AppleCare- yah or nah?
    Probably going to be picking up a 17" MBP in a couple months. Wondering if the $400 AppleCare is worth it? Anyone not get it and have a problem with theirs after a year? Consumer Reports and others say its just a cash grab and anything that goes wrong should be before the warranty is up...

    Are most people going with this or bypassing it?


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    I think AppleCare is definitely worth the money, especially for a laptop. I got it for my MBP right before the 1 year warranty went up. Then again, it's all about personal preference. I got it for my laptop mainly since for some reason I always feel that computer hardware will fail more easily in a laptop computer rather than a desktop, but if I had an iMac I would still buy AppleCare.

    Also try using the Search function of the forums..this topic has come up many times in the past and you may find your answer in a previous post rather than starting a new thread!

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    Hmmm I'm wondering about that. It's like a car do you take the extended warranty or save the money and put in a rad stereo system? (I went with the stereo system!)

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    Well you've got until the last couple of weeks of the complimentary warranty to decide .... that's what i did.

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    All I know is that my one year just ended and it's very comforting to know my MBP (and wireless keyboard and mighty mouse) are still protected for another 2 years.

    It's a lot of money tied up in a lot of moving parts to go on faith.
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    when did they install a search button

    i have yet to buy apple care, but i usually keep a machine for 10 months or so, and sell it on ebay to someone that has the option to purchase apple care on their own dime.

    works out about the same money wise. a 1000$ mac today will be a 700-800$ mac in 10 months. Spending another 1k$ on a new MB in 10months, gets me a new machine, and another initial 1yr warranty.

    for about the same price as applecare to begin with.

    id personally rather have a new machine every year than purchase a warranty I may never use

    of course, to make this all equal out, id be going through 3 machines in 3 yrs, so thats 2 additional purchases (of new) 2x the money of applecare.

    your opinions will probably vary on this. im sure i lost most of you, but for the select few that understand my world congrats
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