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    Macbook problem.. URGENT!
    Last night my macbook randomly shutdown. The screen just went black. I tried to turn it back on, and nothing happened. So i tried all of the things on the apple website liking taking the battery out and holding the power button down. Nothing. The only thing i see that happens when i hit the power button is a little light to the right of the iSite Camera blinks. I tried 1800-apl-care but the people i talked to were incompetent. Any ideas what i can do to fix it? I don't feel like going to an apple store because there aren't any very close. I also need it back up because i have a paper on it that i need to turn on by next tuesday

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    It seems rather obvious to me that you have a hardware problem. Whether the battery has pooped out or the motherboard is fried or the hard drive crashed is beyond me, but irrelevant... you need to have it serviced. I'm curious to know why you think the Apple Care people are incompetent... what did they tell you?

    As for your paper... assuming the drive itself isn't the problem, if you have access to another Macbook, maybe you can swap the drives temporarily and copy the files off?

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    A similar issue happened with my macbook - I called Apple and they sent me a new battery and it worked like a charm.
    What did the apple 'technician' say exactly?

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    All the dealings i've had with Apple Support have been pretty good, best thing to do is to book it in at a local Apple Store if you don't have one local then you can phone Apple and they should be able to tell you where a local Apple certified company is usually they will fix it their and if it's covered by warranty it's free.
    As for the document you need maybe you could buy a cheap laptop caddy and put the hard drive in and transfer the data over to another computer at least then you can work on it.

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    if your turning it on, with the battery unplugged, and the ac PLUGGED in, i see NO way how it can be the battery, since its not present in the system.

    i had an issue with my CD macbook battery, it Xed out. the computer wouldnt run on battery, and the CPU speed was underclocked as a result of the missing battery
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