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Thread: Battery dead in 12" G4 - dangerous?

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    Battery dead in 12" G4 - dangerous?
    So, much to my dismay, the battery in my 12" G4 PB has died completely - the power bar is showing a battery with an "X" in it (batteries not available)

    Is this going to cause me any problems/damage to the laptop itself if I keep it plugged in on the mains until I can get a new battery? (can't get one 'til at least the start of december as they're £100 and I'm very skint).

    Am a little worried that it might short out or something, so any help would be nice!

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    Nopes running it on just the power wont damage it...


    If the power cable suddenly gets pulled out and shuts down without proper shutdown sequence, you risk loosing the data your working on or more if the drive becomes corrupt... so if you MUST use it whilst waiting for a new battery, take serious care that the cable doesnt get pulled out when in use

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    Thanks, TS.

    I'm being VERY careful for the timebeing. Have ordered a part-matching generic battery from Hong Kong to put me on until I can get a MacBook in the new year (or potentially on of the new ultra-slims...roll on January Expo!)

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    So, I got a new battery - it is a generic from China (seems to work). Now, the voltage on the old battery is 10.8v but the new battery is 11.1v - is this going to kill my machine when it's charged up?


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