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Thread: What to do?

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    What to do?
    today i bought my first MacBook Pro. Everything went fine. But when i came home i accidently found a post on a forum that says that macbook pro will be replaced soon and that apple stores got shipment of macbook pros with notice do not open. i just feel that i have wasted $2000.
    Does anybody have any info about this? what should i do at all?
    should i return it, pay the restocking fee and buy a new one?
    thank you in advance.

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    I think Apple have a 14 day return policy if they release an upgrade on the model just bought. I don't know if this is gospel so do some further research on it .... or wait for someone here to take me down or not.

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    Apple just quietly updated their line with the 2.6 GHz processors (for a big extra cost) so I don't think their going to be doing any updating for a little while. It just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViktorMac View Post
    ... i just feel that i have wasted $2000.
    You can never waste money on a MBP! It's a great machine and you will enjoy it big time. Have fun with it

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