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    Question MacBook with 4GB RAM
    Finally got the refund and purchased the new MacBook. Since I saw 2GB sticks for a reasonable price, I decided to upgrade it. After upgrading, I immediately tried it out and yeah, it became faster. But then I noticed something. It started becoming abnormally hot. This never happened when I was using 2GB RAM. Is this heat because of the RAM? Maybe too much power?

    I figured I'd switch back to 2GB anyway because 4GB on the MacBook was kinda overkill. I've also decided to compare the mid and late 2007 MacBooks(Since I've used them both). There is a very little increase in speed but games looked and performed the same way. Late 2007 MacBook felt hotter and seemed noisier(but it was still quiet) than the Mid 2007 one.

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    Could be this?

    What are the 2GB sticks you purchased clocked at? I believe heat could become an issue if they're clocked too high.

    Also MBPs run hot because they are quiet. Meaning the fans don't come on too often. They gave up coolness for quietness. There are many ways to remedy this if you'd like, but this link can probably help...
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