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    Jul 25, 2004
    Gaithersburg, MD
    Mac Pro 2.6ghz Quad Xeon, 23" Cinema
    Powerbook accessories you swear by, and why?
    Well I wanted to know what accessories all you guys use for your powerbook that you really find useful, also list what you always keep in your bag with you.


    Marware keyboard pad - goes over the keys on your kb during transportation, to prevent scratches on the screen. I have not had any scratch issues first hand, I bought this pad before my powerbook actually arrived. Even if it's excessive, I don't want to risk damaging this amazing (and expensive) machine.

    Radtech wildpeepz - little rubber pads that go on the corner of the display to prevent shifting caused by that very small gap between the screen and the bottom. Some may say this is excessive but it gives me some peace of mind.

    Spire Volt XL backpack - just the bag I use to carry everything, it has compartments for all sorts of stuff, and is really sturdy with the sleeve they give you to put your laptop in.

    Things I keep in my bag:

    -AC adapter
    -headphone out to RCA Y-adapter (if I ever want to hook my pb up to a stereo, etc)
    -all the adapters it came with (external monitor, video out, 3-prong power cable)
    -cd wallet of stuff
    -external mouse by microsoft (don't hate me, it's one I bought years ago) - I hate using the trackpad unless I have to.

    Lately I've been taking EVERYTHING I have with me to and from work just because I am not really carrying for more than 30 seconds and I am still figuring out what I need on a day to day basis. So right now in my bag I have my iPod, iPod dock, cd wallet, frozen throne and wc3 cd's, a DVD, external mouse, digital camera, etc.

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    welll i don't have much still............ i got (pbook with everything it came, plus ipod (no dock, just the cable), external logitech mouse, digital cam. and a few DVD's if i get bored........

    i want to get a sleeve because even with the padedness my backpack has i still want extra security for my machine! sometimes you want to take your computer with you to a friend's house and you simply don't want to carry the back pack with all that stuff in it so the sleeve plus the AC adapter will come in handy

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    Apr 21, 2004
    San Francisco, California
    15" 2.2Ghz SR MBP
    Accessories. Hmm....

    My Targus CoolPad: Keeps PB cool and the color matches!

    My bulletproof backpack: Saw this on The Screen Savers(TSS) and I loved it the minute I looked at it. Needed one of those.

    My Keyboard Protector: Keeps Keyboard clean to I don't have to worry about it.

    My Keyboard Cover: Put on when storing PB. Protects screen from little weird marks from keyboard. 100% Leather. Real nice.

    Stuff I keep in my Bag:

    Sony Studio Headphones
    Microsoft USB Mouse
    80GB HD(DVDs and otherwhat not)
    Restore copies of Panther
    Hotspot Locator
    SoundBlaster USB Soundcard
    A pen
    Candy Bars
    Canon Powershot A75
    Canon ZR-90
    Sometimes if im not holding alot of stuff, a portable photo printer.

    That just about covers it. I spend alot of my time outside so i try to bring alot of things with me. Luckily, my bag can fit all of this so im happy.

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    Compared to you guys, I'm a minimalist

    WaterField Designs Sleevecase inside a Roots backpack
    AC Adapter
    iPod, always stays in my pocket

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    bag for all this mumbo Jumbo...
    CD book full of all of the nifty Mac CD's
    Lapdesk (depends on if I'm going to a lan party or not)
    Wireless router and patch cable (to hook into existing, non wireless networks)

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    Feb 09, 2004
    Yikes, I can't imagine taking all that stuff! I'm in a small farming community, next to a large city (the city you all hate for our local resident, Bill Gates) and we have wireless everywhere: Schools, coffeeshops, diners, parks. Most of it is free. When I go somewhere, I have a notebook and a powerbook in my bag. Nothing else is needed. I throw it all over my shoulder in a Cuban grenadiers bag purchased in Spain for 78 cents.


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    "I throw it all over my shoulder in a Cuban grenadiers bag purchased in spain for 78 cents" - maikutis -
    Really broke the bank on that bag, yes?
    (I apologize if that sounded cold at all, was not my intention. Seems really cheap for a computer bag though...who the hell am I kidding? Mine was found in my closet!)

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    I have a USB fan for my PC Laptop, which is good if its a hot day and your outdoors playing with your Powerbook or for that matter any Laptop.

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    Apr 09, 2004
    15" MBP 2.16GHz ^ATI Radeon X1600 256MB ^100GB @ 7200 rpm ^2GB RAM ^Glossy Screen +iPod 4G 20 gigs
    Can't do without my iSkin keyboard cover and RadTech ScreenSaverZ screen cover.

    Also can't do without my Brenthaven Laptop Backpack.

    How can I forget my Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical Wheel Mouse.

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    MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
    Little USB light
    USB bluetooth adapter
    Kensington mouse
    Mouse pad w/ wrist padding
    Coolpad to put my powerbook on so that it can breath a little better
    A couple powerbook batteries
    All the wires needed to mirror on a TV
    Ethernet wire
    AC adapter
    phone cord
    Digital voice recorder
    iPod w/ iTrip

    I think that's about it.. there might be more

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    12" PowerBook G4
    monster cable for ipod (or powerbook) for normal stereo out plug
    svideo out
    waterfield sleevecase
    apple bluetooth mouse
    apple bluetooth keyboard
    griffin icurve stand
    dell 1703fp 17" lcd w/dvi connection
    canon i560 printer
    cambridge soundworks 2.1 speaker setup
    koss ksc-35 headphones

    can't complain w/this...

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    12" PowerBook G4

    iPod mini, iPod earbuds, FireWire and USB cable (for friend's houses)
    PowerBook sleeve (can't remember the name and am too lazy to get up & check)
    Sennheiser HD 570 headphones (for quality music!)
    All those funny cables to connect to different monitors
    OS X install discs
    Apple USB mouse
    Mini-DVI to Video adapter + video cable
    Ethernet cable (well, I'll get this soon...)

    2.1 Altec Lansing speaker setup
    Black mousepad
    Canon C42UX printer

    Being only 14, I think it's pretty good...

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    The keyboard-condom-thingy. Protects it from greasy fingers

    I'm a bugger for trying to type and eat, say, a sandwich at the same time. That combined with everyday dust, grease and dirt.... you should see the state of some everyday desktop keyboards out there! Ick!

    Even well-looked-after keyboards like the expensive Logitech wireless I have look quite icky after a while, so this was a *must*.

    Those sleeves you can get are pretty cool, too. Like a microfibre 'glove' that fits on the Powerbook. With a 12" and that, you can confidently carry it around like a book and without attracting undue attention. Except it's a warm, fuzzy book And it has less chance of slipping through your fingers

    Other than that I'd say one of those USB2.0 pendrives. Today's floppy. They're grrrrrreat!

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    My Booq backpack usually contains the following:

    15" PowerBook
    Logitech MX900 mouse
    40 gig 4g iPod
    Shure E3c headphones
    My brown/beige Vaja iPod case
    Canon Powershot A70
    AC Adapter

    I don't usually take my external drive places.

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    Apple Wireless Mouse

    That's it.

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