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    desktop F11 key missing on new macbooks
    Hi all, I just got one of the 2.2ghz macbooks, and since they changed the F keys, there doesn't even seem to be one that shows just the desktop, like on the older macbooks you would press the F11 key to view yr desktop, anyone know the method on the new macbooks? It's a method I am using a lot. Thanks!

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    I have a powerbook and rarely use F11 anyway, I would just use magic corners if I were you. I assume they have them in leopard...
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    just got on system preferences and made my f5 key do it Thnks!

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    I am with Justin Cope on this one, the magic corner things works better in my preference. I have it set for Desktop - All Apps - ScreenSaver - Disable ScreenSaver.



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    I know I'm posting years after the original post, but I just got a new MacBook and really missed the F11 desktop function. To fix this go to: system preferences: keyboard and mouse: keyboard: select "use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys"
    Hope this helps!

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    i I hold down fn and hit F11 it shows my desktop.. both on my mbp and my wifes new macbook
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