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Thread: Bent key

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    Nov 08, 2007
    Bent key
    My tab key looks like it is sitting lopsided on my keyboard. I have never seen anything like this. Keys usually are straight or broken. It isn't a huge change but it is out of line. It works but my machine is only a month old and bothered me enough to post about.

    Anyone else experience this, or think I should have Apple look at it?

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    Might as well take it in. Its free. They'll probably replace the keyboard.


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    On my month old white MacBook, the space key is bent. I can barely notice it, and only if I look at it very carefully. The center of the key sits lower than the two sides. I guess I have a hammer like thumb


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    I took it in. Apparently this isn't that uncommon. The mounting tabs for the keyboard are near that key and a couple others which occasionally cause the board to flex and the keys appear bent/misaligned.

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