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    Smile New Macbook Pro
    Ok so I just ordered my first mac today and I am really excited!! So anyone got some good advice for a new switcher? Also I was wondering what the easiest way to transfer all my music and pictures from my PC to my new mac is... I don't have an external hard drive yet but i think i will get one around Christmas..

    BTW: Its the base macbook pro with the 160gb hard drive...

    Thanks a lot!

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    That's exactly what I opted for in September (base MacBook Pro with 160 GB). I would say the most important thing is to not get frustrated with it. You don't know how to do a lot of thing yet. SO WHAT??? This is a chance for you to learn computing all over again! Keep a positive outlook and don't evaluate it by comparing it to your Windows computer. Also, ask a lot of questions on this forum. You'll be up to speed in no time.
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    It only took me about 1 hour to change all the immediate settings for the Macbook Pro once I got leopard installed. Some things from a PC background seem counter intuitive, but all in all it's really simple.

    As far as your files, are your computers connected to a wireless router? I haven't connected back to my PC yet, so there may be additional configuration steps, but you should be able to connect and share them across the network.

    OR, you could transfer them on your ipod
    OR you could burn them onto CDs (if you have MP3 files).
    ORRRR.... no, that's all I have.

    Some things that I would recommend off the bat are to update your software. Especially if you are using Leopard. My shipped version of Leopard would not run the ilife suite of apps until I updated them all.

    Secondly, I would recommend downloading a fan control utility. I didn't find that the macbook regulated it's fans too well (and honestly not perfectly with the fan utility).

    Then of course you can download free apps to handle your FTP, Media playback, etc. I personally hate quicktime, and am STILL trying to remove it as the standard media player for some file extensions, but whatever.

    I am still in the first week of owning my macbook pro, I love it!

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    Use the wireless option if you can. As long as you have the user/pass for your pc you can pretty quickly and easily connect to it (Command+K) for a direct transfer. Or an ethernet cable tethering the two will allow the same thing. I've never connected the two with a USB 2 cable but I understand it's possible... forum experts??? Burning tunes to DVD/CD is also an excellent way to transfer music AND back up your tunes. Have fun, and welcome aboard.

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    Thanks alot everyone for the quick responses! Im thinking ill back them up on disks that way I can transfer them and back them up... Im so excited!! I just cant wait till it gets here...

    Thanks for all the help!

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    I am jealous. I am still saving up for my first MAC (MBP). I am hoping to get it soon. MBP are just so expensive! I hope to get one around Christmas time.

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    I backed up my Mac to a PC once and used FTP protocol. I just hooked my apple and PC up to the same network and then put in my macs IP on my favorite FTP program for PC. Using FTP was a great cross platform tool. If I were you I would download a good PC ftp program (like filezilla if you don't have one) and put in my apple's IP address. Then you can just drag and drop. Oh yeah, I think your login info is your OSX administrator account name and PW. Haven't tried this with Leopard but there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
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